How can I be sure Inflector will work in my building?

Where possible, Inflector will be pleased to bring a panel or blind to your business or home to demonstrate the efficiency of our product and prove just how well they work.

Does Inflector come in any other colours?

Inflector blinds, utilizing the In’flector, use proven results; silver on the one side and black on the other side. No other colours perform in comparison. When the In’flector blind is fitted, its colour isn’t visible from inside the building as it becomes see through.

What makes your product save money on energy costs and how does it work?

The colour choice of silver on one side and black on the other side of the patented In’Flector material is the secret behind the savings realized by everyone who installs the panels and blinds. The Silver side reflects heat out during summer making your building much cooler and saving loads on AC cooling costs. In winter the basic operation as a window insulator will save energy but the ability of the In’Flector to heat up as a passive solar panel and re-radiate that heat into your building will add to the savings on your heating bills. In’Flector is a year round all season’s energy saver and thermal comfort solution.

How about night time privacy?

Please note, all our blinds and panels provide daytime privacy only. Think of a one way mirror; you always see through to where the light is brightest. At night, the light is brighter indoors so you can see in. To remedy this, either use a curtain, a second opaque shade or use a bright outdoor light near the window to balance the lighting environment.

What is the cost of the In’Flector blinds?

The blinds immediately reduce your heating and cooling bills, with a typical payback period of 2-4 years. The blinds will end up saving you money by putting money back into your pocket year after year. Each manufacturer and dealer has a suggested manufacturer’s retail price; however, many dealers offer trade show specials. We recommend you contact Energy Efficiency Done Right Australia to find your local dealer for a free home or business estimate.

Can I order from you and install myself to save even more money?

Yes! Simply follow our ’how to take measurements’ instructions and contact Energy Efficiency Done Right Australia with your details using the ‘contact us’ link and we will reply to you with a quote for supply and delivery to your door.