Inflector Products

Inflector Original

The original Inflector reversible window insulating material, independently tested throughout the world by the most respected experts and organisations, Inflector offers unrivalled year round comfort and energy saving performance.

EEDR have recently released 3 exciting new window insulator options;

Inflector Breeze

The Inflector ‘Breeze’ see-through window insulator has exactly the same properties as the Inflector but has been designed to allow the material to breathe. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to allow ventilation from the window into the room. The Inflector ‘Breeze’ enables ventilation to occur through the Inflector material, without compromising the effectiveness of the radiant heat barrier.

Inflector SR-15

When heat or glare are more extreme, your should consider Inflector SR15 Radiant Barrier Window and Skylight Insulators. The SR15 means Superior Reflectivity 15% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT).  Energy Efficiency Done Right (EEDR) has increased the reflective surface and decreased the hole intensity. This means more reflectivity and emissivity but less view than standard Inflector but still see through.

Inflector Blockout

Inflector Blockout is a high efficiency 100% total light blockout option with truly amazing energy efficiency performance, ideal for shift workers bedrooms, presentation / tv rooms or anywhere where total light blockout and energy efficiency are required.

Inflector installation options

Inflector is easily retrofitted to existing windows or incorporated into new builds with the following options:

Reversible Panel – Installed similar to secondary double glazing but much, much more energy efficient.
Vertical blinds – Installedas vertical blinds allows for quick and easy transition for hot or cold weather, take control of your environment.
Reversible roller blinds – We have a unique roller blind installation option that allows easy reversing of the blind operation for summer and winter comfort and energy savings.